Getting started is the best part of your journey in business.  Just imagine taking your first drive in a car alone.  For some it is the coolest thing you ever done and for others it may be a challenge.

Life is about risk and challenges good or bad.  Small Business Services IVT LLC created this company out of a need to help small business owners create wealth in their business from start to finish.

Our overall goal is to provide affordable solutions for whatever your budge will allow to reach your goals. 

We are here for you to help smooth the way with getting to know more about your ideas, thoughts and vision for your new business. 

Just tell us what you need?  

Setting up your business

What We Do

  Setup A New Business /

Starting a new business you need the below process

  • Business Structure Advice
  • Register Your Business Name
  • Set up New Tax ID
  • IRS Tax Election

First we need to determine the legal structure of your business

  • We will discuss Entity Classification Elections
  • Help you to understand your business agreements (partnership, LLC, Incorporation)
  • Discuss tax treatments

Second we need to register and license your business name, location, and ownership and entity developments

  • Names and address of the business
  • Name and address of shareholders
  • Description of business purposes (products, service market)
  • Employees, duties, special allocations and contributions

Third we need to process the information gathered

  • Submit articles, certificates, operation agreements and other documents to the Secretary of State
  • Process documents for tax identification, license or permits
  • Proceed with any other state requirements to finalize your registration process


What We Do when Starting a New Business

  • Need help starting a new business
  • Need management Solutions
  • Need a Coach or Mentor
  • Need IT support  or secure your data
  • Need business training or development 
  • Need marketing tips or solutions